Zhejiang Gongshang University held 2020 International Students Spring Festival Reception


On the afternoon of January 7, 2020, the graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of ZJSU 2020 Spring International Students was held in the lecture hall on the second floor of the library of Xiasha Campus. Chen Shoucan, the president of ZJSU, attended the ceremony. The leaders of various colleges, relevant functional departments, teacher representatives, international graduates and their relatives and friends attended the ceremony. Over 40 international students from different countries all welcomed the moment of graduation with excitement.


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President Chen congratulated the students and placed high expectations on the graduates: 

“Dear students, on the occasion of your voyage, your pursuit of dream. I hope that, with full gratitude, you will be full of ideas and visions for the future, and drive the boat of life in the new years. I hope that after returning to your own country, you can become a friendly messenger to promote the spread of Chinese culture and build a bridge of friendship between China and your country! Congratulations again, I wish you all the best, and a bright future!”

On the grand Degree Awarding Ceremony , President Chen and leaders of the various colleges tidy bachelor’s hats for 43 international graduates, rectified tassel, and awarded a degree certificate and took photos with them.


The leaders, teachers and graduates took a group photo in front of the library.

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Graduation Party 

After the graduation ceremony, the president Chen Shoucan, leaders of relevant functional departments and graduates attended the graduation party. 

President Chen delivered a speech at the New Year's Party, expressing his wishes and expectations to the international graduates:

“In the new year, I hope that students from different countries will be able to bring your own splendid culture to China, and at the same time will be able to spread Chinese culture to other parts of the world and increase cultural exchanges between countries. In the new year, I hope that everyone can show your understanding and inclusiveness to other cultures, respect and try to accept different cultures, establish a global vision, and set a great aspiration to contribute wisdom and strength to human peace and development.”


President Chen exchanged gifts with the international student representative Tinotenda Magda LovenessMhaka. Magda presented the woodcarving brought from Africa to President Chen, and President Chen presented a Longquan porcelain cup. The cup represents "a lifetime". On this graduation, it has a special meaning:although graduates are leaving, they will always be students of ZJSU.



Leaders and international students dressed in traditional costumes of various countries made dumplings and ate dumplings together, and wrapped the good wishes in the dumplings.


The graduation ceremony and party are over, and the international graduates will also go their separate ways, shining in different countries and fields. They will be friendly messengers to spread Chinese culture and build a bridge of friendship between China and other countries in the world.

We hope you will continue to write the story of Shangda in a further place.

Sometimes, there will be a parting, the direction of your heart is the direction. May you have a bright future and still hold your dream when you return.