"Mengxing Zhejiang" 13 years, the 13th Mengxing Gala of Zhejiang foreign students Chinese talent show a complete success!


In order to warmly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, fully display the educational achievements of foreign students in Colleges and universities of our province, continue to build a good platform for "studying in Zhejiang", help foreign students to deeply experience the traditional Chinese culture and customs of Zhejiang, and understand the achievements of Zhejiang's economic development, recently, the provincial education department, the provincial government information office, the provincial government foreign office and Zhejiang Radio and television group work together The 13th "dream trip to Zhejiang" foreign students series of activities organized by Zhejiang foreign students was held in Hangzhou. The activity is divided into three parts: the speech competition of "love China, love China", the Chinese talent show of foreign students and the visit of Liangzhu ancient site of excellent foreign students. This series of activities attracted thousands of foreign students from more than 80 countries to participate actively.

On the evening of December 13, on the stage of China University of metrology, 18 international students from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other countries from ZJSU brought the program "Chinese Kungfu", which combines Chinese martial arts and traditional dance, to the stage of the second chapter!

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Please follow us to have a look at the wonderful behind the scenes gags!


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On December 14, under the guidance of the teacher, we visited the site of Liangzhu ancient city, a new world cultural heritage, and experienced the long history and culture of Zhejiang Province.

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With the rapid development of the internationalization of higher education in our province, the scale of foreign students in Colleges and universities in our province is constantly expanding, and the quality of education for foreign students is constantly improving. According to statistics, in 2019, the number of foreign students studying in Colleges and universities in our province has exceeded 41000. The platform of a series of activities of "dream trip to Zhejiang" shows the overseas students the ancient and bright history and culture of Zhejiang, the harmony and stability of modern social life, and the infinite potential development space in the future. It also makes more and more overseas students become "envoys of the people" to introduce and publicize Zhejiang. Let's wish these students a smooth and profitable life in Zhejiang and China, and hope that more students can spread Chinese culture together in the future!