Introduction of the School of Business Administration (MBA school)


Introduction of the School of Business Administration

(MBA school)

Program Highlight

  1. Business Administration ranked 15th among the best soft subjects,top 5% in discipline strength.

  1. The discipline has passed China's high-quality MBA education certification (CAMEA certification), AMBA certification and BGA gold certification, and has been approved as ACCA platinum member for eight consecutive years.

  1. With a long history and over 20 years of experience in the construction of doctoral programs in business administration, SBA has provided a large number of doctoral talents for regions and countries. SBA has postdoctoral station and Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and International Business,which have been listed among national first-class majors.

  1. Business Administration is one of theadvantaged characteristic disciplines and first-class discipline (Class A)in Zhejiang Province. SBA has carried out strategic cooperation with the Renmin Business School.

  1. SBA has a team of staff with a reasonable structure of age, education backgrounds and professional titles, including 10 national talents, more than 30 professors, more than 20 doctoral supervisors. And more than 90% of the teachers have doctoral degrees.

  1. Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and other courses are the model courses for international students from the Ministry of Education.

  1. Business Operation and Simulation is the first university in China to adopt the Finnish cesim system; case elite competition focuses on the integration of practical ability; it has a number of excellent enterprise practice bases; it is the first university in China to adopt the CESIM system of Finland.

  1. Brand International Volunteer Activities - Silk Road and Love Bridge won the Ministry of Culture and Tourism first prize (2020).

  1. The aim of school is to cultivate “Outstanding business talents with Global Vision, inheriting Zheshang Spirit, innovative ability and social responsibility”. School has trained Sun Yefang Award winner Professor Wang Junhao, Alibaba Senior Vice President Peng Lei, Taobao founder President Sun Tongyu and other business elites. The SBA enrollment ratio of graduate students is over 6:1. The average employment rate is over 96%.

二、Educational Objectives

1.The Bachelor Program of International Business is designed to help undergraduates:

Have a good master of professional knowledge in the area of international business including international business laws, conventions and skills.

Acquaint students with Chinese politics, economics, and culture, and contribute to friendly international exchange and cooperation.  

Obtain practical operational capabilities in business via this program, such as business planning, international business management, business legal consultancy, business environmental research, and business English communication.  

Graduates of this program are prepared for careers in multinational companies, consultant agencies, international trade business, and economic departments in government and in research institutions.  

  2.The doctoral program of business administration focuses on the training of senior business administration application talents and professional researchers, and aims to train foreign students to systematically master the cutting-edge theory and scientific research ability in the field of business management. Through learning, international students will achieve the following expected training objectives:

        •Understand the research and development trends of enterprise management.

Deeply understand the process of China's economic reform and the characteristics of enterprise development, cultivate students with international vision, understand the politics, economy and culture of contemporary China, and be able to participate in and promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and its host countries.

       •According to academic research norms, be able to use analysis methods such as measurement, statistics and game theory to analyze and study management problems.

       •Have a certain ability to engage in scientific research independently and strong pioneering and innovative spirit.

三、Main Courses

1、The Bachelor Program of International Business

  Common Courses: Developing Chinese, Economy and Society in China, Panorama of Contemporary China, Outline of China, Experience China, and Advanced Application of Office Software

Subject Common Courses: Principles of Management, Economics, Fundamental Accounting, Organizational Behavior and Marketing

Core Courses: International Business, Business Analysis, Internationalization and Management of Firms, International Business Planning, and International Market Analysis

Optional Courses: International Business Negotiation, Cross-Border Electronic Commerce, International Business Etiquette, International Outsourcing, Project Management, Cross Culture Management, Brand and Image Strategies, Network Marketing, International Commercial Law, Management Statistics, Business Intelligence, Management Research Method, Business Simulation, Advertising, Consumer Behavior and so on.

2、The doctoral program of business administration

Compulsory Courses: Basic Chinese, Outline of China, Organization Behaviour, Management Research Method, Strategic Management, Marketing.

Optional Courses: Human Resource Management,  Macroeconomic, Microeconomics. Research and Design Workshop, Thesis Writing Workshop,,Corporate Governance in China,Entrepreneurship,Social Network Analysis , etc.

四、Various of scholarships

1、Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship   
         For graduates: 20000 RMB/Year
         For postgraduates: 30000 RMB/Year

 2Zhejiang Gongshang University Scholarship

   First prize100% of tuition fee

        Second prize70% of tuition fee

        Third prize40% of tuition fee

 3Zhejiang Gongshang University President Scholarship (For postgraduates)

       Type A: Tuition fee, accommodation fee,overall medical insurance and stipend (2,000yuan/month for PhD students; 1700yuan/month for master students).12 months for one year.

       Type B: Tuition fee, accommodation fee, overall medical insurance

五、How to apply

Way1: Apply online

Way2: Scan QR code

For more details on application and scholarship, Please refer to the official website of College of International Education of Zhejiang Gongshang University