1. College Logo


Logo Interpretation :


l Logo with letters “G” (Meaning Guo) and “J” (Meaning Jiao) and circles as design elements, has high recognition. The core pattern is not only like an open book and a love heart, meaning the college people-oriented , devoted to education , imparts knowledge and cultivates people , and like a sail boat, meaning students from all over the world, braving the wind and waves, fearless, swimming in the ocean of knowledge.

l The logo is full of internationalization and educational culture, which reflects the college motto of “Communication, Cooperation, Innovation and Reputation”.

l The color of the logo is gemstone blue, which represents integrity, passion and hope. It is complementary to the educational concept of College of International Education, and shows the bright and vigorous development prospect of the college.

2.College Motto

Communication  Cooperation

Innovation      Reputation

3.Educational Philosophy 


Professional success,Spiritual adult;

To build an international communication base of Chinese culture with domestic characteristics

4.Introduction to the College

It is an important way to improve the comprehensive level of running a school and the quality of students. It is also an effective way to make full use of educational resources. The College of International Education of ZJSU is the booster and executor of the school’s international education, and plays an important role in it. The college sets four administrative departments: General Office, Admission Office,International Student Management Office and Training Office. Besides, it also sets four teaching departments, including Xiasha language students teaching department, foreign language teaching department, business Chinese and preparatory teaching four teaching departments. The college has 37 faculty members, including 19 full-time teachers of Chinese as a foreign language , all of whom hold master's degrees, among whom 7 hold doctoral degrees in linguistics.

In recent years, under the guidance of the spirit of, according to the requirements of Zhejiang province and the school planning, the college actively explores the market externally and deeply explores the educational resources internally. At present, more than 40 foreign language teaching majors have been provided to international students, including 15 undergraduate courses, 25 master's courses and 11 doctoral courses. International students are distributed in 18 discipline colleges. The college also regularly hosts short-term training classes on “Chinese economy”, “Chinese culture”,“Chinese Business” and “Chinese language and Culture” for students from different countries. In recent years, more than 100 countries and regions have sent short-term and long-term international students to study in the university. The total number of international students in the university exceeds 1,000, and the proportion of international students with academic qualifications has greatly increased.

In the teaching and administration of international students, the school adopts the management concept of “convergence” to unify the teaching and research requirements and daily management standards of Chinese students and international students. The school organizes various kinds of colorful teaching practices and extracurricular activities for international students every year: setting up the international student association AIS to promote the standardized management and self-management of international students; encouraging international students to participate in artistic performances such as singing, dancing, calligraphy and painting, Chinese speech and sports competitions such as football, basketball and track and field.

Over the years, some of the international students studying in our university have continued to study or work in China, some have returned to China to serve as government departments or universities and scientific research institutions, some are engaged in Chinese teaching or trade and cultural exchanges with China, and some are working in foreign enterprises, giving full play to the expertise they have learned in our university and making contributions to Sino foreign cooperation and exchange.

The college will take the inheritance of Chinese culture and expanding the international influence of ZJSU as its own responsibility. It will further actively develop international student education and make continuous efforts to realize the breakthrough and leapfrog development of internationalization.