On-campus Accommodation Reservation

How to reserve?

Please make a reservation in advance before registration .

  1. Individual Application: Please upload the photocopy of youraccommodation fee payment receipt in Accommodation Reservation Moduleof the Online Application System of ZISU (hzic.at0086.cn/Student)

  2. Agency Application: Please offer the photocopy of youraccommodation fee payment receipt to the agency to make the reservation.

Check-in Time and Place:


Place: Office in ClE building

Time( Only on the registration day): 17:00-24:00

Place: Reception of International Student Apartment( No. 4Building,Jinshagang Student Residence, Zhejiang Gongshang University


  1. Reservation Fee: at least 50% ofthe first year’s accommodation fee;

  2. Please submit the original payment receipt of full amount of the accommodation fee;

  3. The accommodation arrangement shall be prioritized by the submission time of your reservation in the Online Application System, will be confirmed by theuniversity.

Room types: International student apartment is located in Jinshagang Student Residence of Zhejiang Gongshang University.

Room types

Room appliances

Charging standard

Double room

Air-conditioner, Refrigerator, TV, Simmons mattress, Desk, Wardrobe, Water heater, Private bathroom, Public kitchen, Public laundry

650 yuan/month

Deposit: 800 yuan/person

Water and electricity fees shall be borne by yourself

Quad room

Air-conditioner, Bed, Desk, Wardrobe, Water heater,  Private bathroom, Public laundry, Public kitchen

250 yuan/month

Deposit: 500 yuan/person

Water and electricity fees shall be borne by yourself

Off-campus Accommodation

All international students are suggested to live in the international student apartment inprinciple. Students who need to live outside campus for specific reasons must apply from your major school and fill in application form for off-campus accommodation. Forthe details, please refer to the Handbook for International Students of ZJSU (thehandbook will be provided on registration day). Don’t forget to go to CIE with your passport and lease contract to finishresidence registration on the registration date.