The association was formed in 2017 with the goal of helping current and more graduating students of this university be better prepared for the real world scenarios and opportunities. It is our goal to better strengthen the bond between the school and the student body and provide an association that connects international students to a vast source of information and support. Members of this group join a fraternity that makes the members’ educational, social and financial success its priority.

Some of the goals we wish to accomplish in our term are as follows: 

1. conducting scientific and technological cooperation, culture exchange and networking activities among alumni at home and abroad

2. strengthening alumni contacts and conducting academic and work experience exchanges

3.carrying forward the exemplary and advanced deeds of international alumni



To conclude this brief excerpt into our group we can share just a few projects we undertook this year so far. Firstly we held a number of meetings with all available members to discuss projects of late this year and next year. Secondly we interviewed a number of graduating students that were interested in joining the group and made an introductory video with the hopes of enticing other students in the school to join our system. This endeavor was a success as we were able to take in over 10 students who are eager to be part of the association. We also made an introductory video about each member of our staff in an effort to provide some positive and much-needed advertising which was also a success as we were able to make the video in a timely manner and they are now ready for distribution.

Lastly as some may know this year was extremely special since it was the first time the school had international students graduating from its educational system. So what is the better way to reward such an achievement than by holding a party? We were happy to assist in organizing a graduation party for the students which turned out to be a huge success and were attended by many departing students. These projects are just a small part of the possible and great things we can accomplish with the support of the student body and school.



-Atya Saad Farhan Ibrahim

(Communication Engineering)  


-Razfitsotra Soanomenjanahary  Lucie Annie Delia

(Science of business administration ) 

Activities department  


- Razfitsotra Soanomenjanahary  Lucie Annie Delia

(Business Administration)


-Khalista Djafaris

(International business),

Kakamyrat Hydrov

(Communication Engineering)

-Hussein Abdulafiz

(International Business)

Communication Department  


-Tawanda Ndarama

(Communication Engineering) 


-Thierno Bah

((International Business)

-Farrukh Md Uddin

(International Business) 

Media department



(International Law)

Members :

-Ignatius Tambara 

Finance department


-Fayyaz Ali

( PHD accounting)


-Yermek Mankeyev