1. International Student Comprehensive Medical Insurance

The school implements a comprehensive insurance system for international students. International students must purchase insurance in accordance with national regulations and school requirements. Those who fail to purchase insurance as required should be required to purchase it within a specified period of time. If they fail to do so, the school will not admit them. For those who are already studying at the school, they should be expelled or not allowed to register.

International Student Comprehensive Medical Insurance includes coverage for accidental injury medical treatment, outpatient medical treatment, inpatient medical treatment, and death/disability insurance liability. All general departments of public hospitals within the China mainland are designated as designated hospitals for international students' accidental injury outpatient medical treatment, disease outpatient medical treatment, and inpatient medical treatment. For specific terms and conditions of international student insurance, please refer to the study abroad insurance website www.lxbx.net (800 yuan plan).

Dental crowns, toothwash, eyeglasses, childbirth, artificial abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, correction of physiological defects, cosmetic procedures, purchase of nutritional supplements, and other expenses beyond the scope and standards of medical insurance, as well as expenses for the treatment of pre-existing chronic diseases before coming to China, are not covered by the insurance and must be borne by the insured individual.

2. Precautions:

Before seeking medical treatment at a hospital, students must call the insurance company's hotline at 4008105119 and report the case truthfully.

Students should keep all relevant documents and invoices during their hospital visits and treatment, with hospital invoices and medical records being particularly important.

If a student needs to be hospitalized, they can contact 4008105119 in advance to apply for hospitalization advance payment.

When applying for comprehensive medical insurance claims, students must provide complete documentation, including a photocopy of their passport, photocopies of medical records, original hospital invoices (with the date of each medical record visit matching the invoice date), itemized expenses, discharge summary or photocopies of inpatient medical records. In the case of an accident, proof of the accident and qualification materials from relevant departments should be provided (e.g., for a traffic accident, a traffic accident liability determination document issued by the traffic department). When filing a claim, a photocopy of the bank card customer information form (including account number, account name, and bank branch name ) should also be provided.

3. Self-service claims:

WeChat Official Account来华留学生保险 

(1) Follow the WeChat Official Account 来华留学生保险 and click on 自助理赔(Self-service Claims) - enter 理赔申请(Claims Application) and log in with your ID number and verification code.

(2) Go to My - select Claims Application and choose the policy corresponding to the treatment time.

(3) Check personal information - select whether the recipient of the payment is the insured person or not - fill in account information - upload bank account proof - click Confirm.

(4) Upload documents (multiple images can be uploaded at the same time, and if uploaded incorrectly, they can be deleted), and then click Submit.

(5) Different operations are required based on the displayed interface. Please follow the instructions on the current screen.

Click Sign - enter mobile phone number and verification code - complete electronic signature - click Confirm after signing.

Click Download Claim Application Template, print it, sign it by hand, upload a photo of the signed document, and then click Submit to complete the self-service claims application.