Zhejiang Gongshang University international student apartment is located in Jinshagang living area of Zhejiang Gongshang University. International student apartment building consists of 1 buildings now, that is No.4 building. There are two optional types, double room and quad room. Totally it can accommodate approximate 600 people. We offer public kitchens, public laundries and other facilities. Besides, you can inquiry any questions for live and study in ZJSU from apartment receptionists. Adhering to the core principles of communication, service and creation, we will make great efforts to create safe, harmonious, comfortable, civilized living and studying environment for international students.

1. Phone Call

2. Room Type Introduction

3.International Student Apartment Residence Process


4. List of Apartment Items for International Students 

Please take care of the property in your room and the public area. Students should compensate for loss or damage in accordance with the cost. Thanks for your cooperation.

Note:The price above is for each item. 

5. Notes to International Students for Residence 

5.1 Check in and check out 

5.1.1 When checking in, international students should go to Apartment Management Office with liaison paper for checking in from your school and passport of yourself to get Liaison paper for deposit payment. After paying deposit to finance office, with the receipt, apartment management office will stamp the Liaison paper for checking in, and you should go to the reception of international student apartment to check in with it. And you need to sign confirmation slip of interior facilities at the same day you check in. 

5.1.2 Now there are 2 type of rooms in international student apartments--Double room and quad room. 

5.1.3 Students who are going to graduate, complete the study or apply for Off-campus accommodation should register for checking out 15 days in advance to apartment management office, and take away all personal belongings and return the key of your room within the time limit of acceptance. If unable to check out in time in exceptional circumstances, students should contact your school or apartment management office in time, and negotiate for a settlement. Or your room will be only kept for one week, then your belongings will be considered unclaimed and disposed of by apartment management office. 

5.2 Charge and return of deposit 

5.2.1 According to different kinds of rooms, there are 2 kinds of charge standard of accommodation deposit in international student apartments: double room- 800 yuan per person, quad room -500 yuan per person. Students should scan the QR code to pay the deposit. 

5.2.2 Students should return deposit to apartment management office and finance department of logistics service center with the receipt in person; deposit will be returned only when students graduate, complete the study or drop out. If students apply for out-campus accommodation, still deposit will be returned only when students graduate, complete the study or drop out. If the student is unable to come in person, power of attorney stamped by the student's school is needed.

5.2.3 When students check out, officers need to check interior facilities well before returning the deposit. If there is any artificial damage checked, deposit will be deducted or refused to return according to the situation. 

5.3 Change of room

5.3.1 All campus accommodation international students are required to stay in assigned rooms and may not be allowed to change rooms at will. Degree students altogether have two opportunities to apply for changing room. Students whose study time is one semester or less are not allowed to apply for changing room in principle. 

5.3.2 International students should apply to your school, and fill in the application for changing room with the room you want pointed out. With the approval of the school and CIE, you can proceed to apartment management office with the application. 

5.3.3 New students who need to change room could apply to your school in 15 days after you check in, and the changed liaison paper for checking in needs to be stamped by your school again.

5.3.4 Senior students applying for changing room are not allowed to move into vacant room in principle except single room. The change of accommodation fee of senior students with the kind of room changed is counted from the day you apply for changing room. 

5.4 Off-campus accommodation 

5.4.1 All international students are required to stay in the international student apartment in principle. Students wanting to live outside campus for specific reasons need to apply to your school and fill in application form for off-campus accommodation,and provide the house lease contract and commit to liabilities of violation of laws and disciplines and safety of person and property. with the assent of the director of your school and the application, you can check out to the apartment management office. 

5.4.2 The application forms for off-campus accommodation are in quadruplicate and will be kept by security department of our university, College of International Education, logistics service center and students themselves. 

5.4.3 The deposit of students applying for off-campus accommodation will be returned when students graduate or leave our university, and accommodation fee left will be returned in the end of the semester, which is in need of application form for off-campus accommodation. 

5.4.4 Students applying for off-campus accommodation are not allowed to move back to the student apartment in principle, if students need to move back for specific reasons, you need to get the signature of the head of the school and the assent of apartment management office of logistics service center. Students who do not apply for off-campus accommodation with the stipulated procedure are all considered to be campus accommodation. 

6.Life Reminders in International Students Apartment 

Welcome to international students apartment. The following items are some instructions of room facilities. Please comply with them. 

6.1 Do not throw rubbish into close stool. You shall afford the maintenance costs if you make the block of the toilet; 

6.2 You can control the temperature by the turning the terminator. It would be best to turn it onto scale 3. The damage might be caused by your turning onto the other scale. In addition, if heavy ice found in the upper, you can switch it off. It takes one hour for the ice to be melted. Also, please don’t use hard tools to defrost the ice; 

6.3 Simmons mattress can only be used by the covering of bed sheet. Don’t move the mattress onto the floor; 

6.4 It is not allowed to move the room facilities. For example, Liquid crystal TV display and bed stock is not allowed to dismantle, and don’t place the furniture into the balcony; 

6.5 Be aware of not leaving the kitchen when cooking. 

6.6 Please report the damage of your room facilities promptly to the reception. You shall afford maintenance costs because of your delaying of report.

7. International Student Apartment Code of Conduct of Zhejiang Gongshang University 

In order to strengthen apartment management, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all resident students, maintain a good public order and living and learning environment, ensure apartment safety and reasonable use, this code of conduct is formulated in accordance with the Zhejiang Gongshang University Fire Safety Management Regulations, Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Construction of a Safe Campus, Zhejiang Gongshang University International Student Apartment Management Measures, and other relevant regulations. All resident international students are required to comply voluntarily.

Article 1 Resident students should actively cooperate with the school's management work. If resident students have any opinions or suggestions regarding apartment management, they can raise them to the Logistics Center, International Education College, or their respective colleges.

Article 2 Resident students should timely and fully pay accommodation fees and deposits, and should not owe any related fees such as water and electricity charges.

Article 3 When students move into the apartment, they must check in advance whether the furniture and facilities in the dormitory are complete and in good condition. After confirmation, they should sign the Confirmation of Room Facilities and Equipment form. During the stay, students are not allowed to discard, rent out, modify, dismantle, or move the furniture and facilities in the dormitory without permission. Students should properly handle and use the school's public facilities, furniture, appliances, etc. in the apartment and dormitory. Each student is responsible for one set of furniture, such as bed, desk, and chair, and should use and take care of them accordingly. It is not allowed to bring large items (including beds, sofas, cabinets, tables, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) into the apartment building without permission. If any furniture or facilities are found damaged, students should promptly report it to the apartment reception for repair.

No outsiders are allowed to stay overnight in the student apartment, and no accommodation is provided for students' family members. It is also not allowed to bring in or keep animals (pets) in the apartment to avoid affecting others' study, rest, and health.

Article 4 Resident students should voluntarily comply with the apartment's schedule and leave application system. If temporary accommodation outside the apartment is necessary due to special circumstances, students should apply for leave in advance to their respective colleges and report back to the college upon return. In case of emergencies requiring students to enter or leave the apartment outside of the scheduled time, students should promptly inform their respective colleges and present valid identification to the apartment duty personnel upon return. The Logistics Center is responsible for record-keeping and timely feedback to the student's college.

Article 5 Resident students should voluntarily comply with the apartment's guest visitation policy. Guests should be received in the lobby on the ground floor of the apartment, and they must leave the apartment before 22:00 on the same day. Visitors are not allowed to enter student dormitories.

Article 6 Resident students should voluntarily comply with the Zhejiang Gongshang University Fire Safety Management Regulations, attach great importance to electrical and fire safety, enhance fire awareness, and actively participate in fire drills and emergency evacuation exercises. Students should keep the apartment corridors and entrances clear, park personal vehicles at designated locations, and strictly prohibit parking bicycles (including electric bicycles) and clutter in the corridors, stairwells, and fire exits, obstructing fire and evacuation routes. Prohibited items should not be brought into the apartment building, and the use of open flames is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to store and use flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, and hazardous items that may endanger public safety. Private wiring and unauthorized access to power sources are not allowed in the dormitory. Students are not allowed to enter the apartment's strong and weak power distribution rooms or switch rooms without permission, or to modify, connect, or tamper with power and network cables. Alterations to electrical facilities in the apartment are strictly prohibited. Unauthorized modification or misuse of fire protection and control facilities is strictly prohibited. Intentionally triggering alarm devices or falsely reporting fires without an actual emergency is strictly prohibited.

Article 7 The use and storage of appliances and cooking utensils such as instant water heaters, heaters, electric blankets, electric ovens, electric stoves, electric cups, electric hot pots, egg cookers, rice cookers, bread makers, microwave ovens, soy milk makers, electric hotpots, induction cookers, electric kettles, washing machines, hair straighteners, hair curlers, shoe dryers, electric irons, and electric heating pads are prohibited in student dormitories, as well as other electrical appliances not approved by the university. The use of Three No products that violate the Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China, unqualified products without the 3C certification, inferior products, and self-made electrical devices are prohibited.

Article 8 Resident students should voluntarily comply with the Public Kitchen Usage Regulations. When using electrical appliances and utensils in the kitchen, safety must be prioritized. Students should not leave the kitchen unattended, ensure proper ventilation, and disconnect the power and clean up after use. Kitchen appliances and utensils purchased by students should be stored in kitchen storage cabinets. The use of alcohol stoves, kerosene stoves, coal stoves, and liquefied gas stoves with open flames is strictly prohibited in the apartment.

Article 9 If resident students discover a fire or other emergencies in the apartment, personal safety should be the top priority. Students should promptly take measures such as reporting the incident and evacuating the scene. Non-professionals participating in disaster relief actions are not encouraged.

Article 10 Resident international students should develop a good sense of theft prevention. Large amounts of cash and other valuable items should not be stored in the dormitory. Students should develop the habit of locking the door when leaving the room and properly safeguard personal documents, cash, bank cards, computers, and other important items.

Article 11 Resident students should properly safeguard their dormitory keys and must not lend or duplicate them. They are not allowed to tamper with, add, or replace dormitory door locks without authorization. If a dormitory key is lost, it should be promptly reported to the apartment reception, and the lock core should be replaced in a timely manner. The associated costs are the responsibility of the individual. Spare dormitory keys should be uniformly kept by the apartment duty staff and should not be borrowed or misused.

Article 12 Resident students and external individuals are not allowed to conduct religious activities in the apartment or wear clothing with strong religious connotations in public places. Profit-making activities and donation activities are not allowed in the apartment. The distribution of unauthorized advertisements and slogans is prohibited in student apartments, and external individuals are prohibited from selling or purchasing items or promoting business activities. If students find anyone suspicious in the apartment, they should promptly report it to the relevant authorities. If criminal or public security incidents are discovered, students should assist in protecting the scene and promptly report it to the school authorities.

Article 13 Resident students should cherish public property and consciously maintain a clean environment. They should not randomly post notes, slogans, flyers, or unhealthy graphics in public places. Damaging or unauthorized decoration of walls, doors, windows, furniture, etc., drilling holes or nailing nails on walls without permission, placing basins, sanitary tools, and other miscellaneous items or hanging clothes in the corridors, placing or hanging miscellaneous items on balconies and rooftops, making loud noises or organizing gatherings in the apartment and dormitories, and engaging in any activities that disturb others' normal study and rest are strictly prohibited. Throwing rubbish out of dormitory windows and around the apartment building is strictly prohibited, as well as climbing on balconies and rooftops.

Article 14 Resident students should develop good personal hygiene habits. They should classify garbage and put it in bags, and promptly dispose of it in the designated area downstairs. They should pay attention to odor prevention and unclogging in the bathroom. Packaging materials and hair should not be thrown into sinks and toilets to avoid blockage of the drainage pipes. Smoking is prohibited in areas with no-smoking signs. Cigarette butts should not be littered, and smoking or placing desk lamps on beds is not allowed. Spitting and chewing gum in public areas are also prohibited.

Resident students should develop good habits of water and electricity conservation. They should turn off the water and electricity switches when leaving the dormitory. If they will be away from the dormitory for an extended period of time, they should promptly close doors and windows, check water and electricity switches, and cut off all power.

Article 15 In order to ensure the health of resident students and public hygiene safety, students who have infectious diseases as stipulated in the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases should proactively report to the college management teacher and the school hospital. If resident students discover patients or suspected patients with infectious diseases, they should promptly report it to the college management teacher and the school hospital. Infectious disease patients and suspected patients should follow the guidance of the school or local health department and cooperate with any necessary adjustments to their accommodation until they are cured or the suspicion of infectious disease is eliminated.

Article 16 Resident students should actively cooperate with the regular safety inspections conducted by relevant departments of the school in international student apartments. In case of emergencies (such as fires, medical emergencies, rescue operations, etc.) or when deemed necessaries by the school, staff members may enter their rooms without prior notice. Resident students should understand and cooperate in such situations.

Article 17 In order to optimize the allocation of student accommodation resources, the school may need to renovate, repair, or adjust the accommodation in international student apartments. In such cases, resident international students should willingly comply with the arrangements made by relevant departments and actively cooperate in carrying out the necessary work.

Article 18 After completing the procedures for checking out or changing dormitories, students should promptly clean and remove their personal belongings from the original dormitory. They should not leave any waste or discarded items behind. Students should inspect and ensure that the dormitory doors, windows, sanitary facilities, and other areas are clean and in good condition. They should also inspect the furniture and equipment item by item according to the Confirmation Form for Student Dormitory Facilities to ensure that there is no damage or loss and that there are no outstanding water and electricity bills.

Any items left behind by students after moving out of the dormitory will be treated as unclaimed property by the relevant departments of the school. If there is any loss, the student will be responsible for it.