Association of International Students of Zhejiang Gongshang University (hereinafter referred to as AIS) is an autonomous organization for international students of Zhejiang Gongshang University. It accepts the leadership of the Party committee of the University, the guidance and assistance of the Youth League Committee of the University and the College of international education, abides by Chinese laws and regulations, and carries out activities within the scope permitted by Chinese laws.

1. Main tasks

(1) To represent and protect the legitimate rights and interests and requirements of international students in our school, to serve students enthusiastically, to strengthen the contact between school and international students, and to assist and promote the education and management of international students in our school;

(2) With the purpose of serving international students wholeheartedly, actively carry out various sports, learning and public welfare activities, create a positive, healthy and lively campus culture with practical actions, and actively promote the construction of campus spiritual civilization;

(3) According to the needs of AIS members, various self-management, self-education and self-service activities are carried out to create good conditions for the members of the association to improve their self-management awareness.

(4) We should develop friendly relations and strengthen ties with our brother organizations and colleges, and build up a good image of our international students both at home and abroad.

1. AIS Organization Chartz


1. Zhejiang Gongshang University AIS Management Rules 

Chapter I General 

Article 1 The association of international students (hereinafter referred to as AIS), Zhejiang Gongshang University, is an autonomous organization for international students in Zhejiang Gongshang University. It will carry out activities under the leadership of the University's Party Committee and the guidance and help of the League Committee and the College of International Education to the extent permitted by Chinese Laws pursuant to applicable Chinese laws and regulations. 

Article 2 Major tasks 

(1) It will represent and safeguard the legitimate interests and requirements of the vast number of international students at the University, serve students with enthusiasm, strengthen ties between the University and international students, and help and promote the education and management of international students; 

(2) With the aim of serving international students wholeheartedly, it will carry out various recreational & sports, studying and public welfare activities, create a positive, healthy and lively campus culture with practical actions, and promote the construction of spiritual civilization at campus;

(3) As required for AIS members, it will develop various self-management, self-education and self-service activities in order to create favorable conditions for AIS members to improve their self-management awareness;

(4) It will develop friendly relations with the University's other organizations and universities, strengthen ties with them, and establish a good image of International students in and out of the University. Chapter II Rights and Obligations of AIS Members

Article 1 All international students at Zhejiang Gongshang University are members of the AIS. 

Article 2 AIS members will have the following rights as provided hereunder: 

(1) Equal rights to vote and stand for election; 

(2) To supervise all departments and cadres of the AIS and their work through various proper forms and methods; 

(3) To participate in various activities organized by the AIS; 

(4) To be entitled to request for assistance and protection from the AIS in case of improper treatment received within the AIS and for help from the AIS in case of difficulties encountered by AIS members in studies and life, which must be taken seriously by all departments of the AIS. Students who have violated the University's rules will not be entitled to the above rights. 

Article 3 AIS members must fulfill the following obligations in the exercise of their rights under the Charter:

(1) To follow Chinese laws and regulations, abide by the University's discipline and rules and comply with rules of AIS. 

(2) To support and actively participating in activities organized by various departments of the AIS, implement resolutions made by the AIS, strive to complete all work entrusted by the AIS and maintain the honor of the AIS. 

Article 4 

(1) The AIS advocates and organizes self-service, self-management and self-education; 

(2) The AIS serves as a bridge and link between the University's various departments and international students, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of international students; 

(3) The AIS carries out cultural activities at campus to enrich the life of international students. Chapter III Basic Organization 

Article 1 The AIS consists of one Chairman, three Vice-Chairmen, and six departments, namely, the Office, the Study Department, the Media Department, the Dormitory Management Department, the Sports Department and the Arts Department. Each department has one director, one deputy director and a number of officers. Chairman and Vice-Chairmen form the Presidium. The AIS has an instructor appointed by the College of International Education. 

Article 2 Organizational functions 

Presidium: Under the leadership of the College of International Education and the executive instructor of the AIS, it will preside over the work of the AIS, execute resolutions on the management of international students made by Zhejiang Gongshang University, formulate the AIS’ work plans, arrange, inspect and supervise the work of the AIS’ various departments, organize training courses for the AIS’ cadres, assess them, strengthen ties & cooperation with associations for Chinese students, and strengthen and expand the influence of the AIS. 

Office: As a link between the Presidium and various departments and between various departments, it will coordinate between the AIS' various departments, assist the Presidium in daily management, prepare for various meetings, and promote weekly work reports and regular meetings; assist the AIS in executing all documents prepared by the executive instructor in the name of the School and the AIS; know about and handle all information transmission and reporting tasks given by the School and the AIS in a timely manner, do publicity of the AIS; and arrange for AIS members to go on duty. It will file the AIS' documents, assess AIS members and complete daily attendance. It will make the AIS' plans & summaries for every semester and school year and keep detailed records of each regular meeting. 

Arts Department: It will coordinate to organize various cultural & recreational activities to create a space for international students to develop their talents and enrich the campus culture. It will plan for and organize international students to participate in large cultural evening parties and competitions and allow for artistic exchanges & cooperation with Chinese associations to promote the integration of Chinese and foreign cultures. It will organize students to participate in various cultural & recreational activities, and actively engage in social activities together with other universities. It will create a campus culture & art atmosphere and an active life to energize international students. It will cooperate with the University's relevant departments to actively carry out various cultural & recreational activities. 

Media Department:It will go down to the frontline of activities, write news, take photos for the AIS, report the AIS' latest dynamics and information, and issue information on the AIS' campus activities through channels including campus network and microblog. It will know in details about the planning for the AIS' various activities, follow up all activities in a timely manner, and promote campus news on such activities. It will record and publicize the AIS' activities through the WeChat platform of the College of International Education, the AIS' WeChat platform and university-level network platform. It will publicize the AIS' activities with the help of external media in order to improve the social awareness and influence of Zhejiang Gongshang University and the AIS. It will write and organize MC scripts, speeches, etc. for large events. Dormitory Management Department:It will seriously cooperate with the University's various departments on the management and service of apartments for international students, and complete tasks assigned by the University as per the University's Convention on Apartments for International Students and applicable administrative rules. It will stick to the dorm inspection system in cooperation with the School's on-duty night teacher for apartments for students in order to prevent emergencies. In case of an emergency, it should cooperate with the University's on-duty personnel to control emergency scenes. It will regularly check the safety and health of apartments for international students, keep records and report problems identified to the University in a timely manner. It will allow for cultural construction for apartments for international students, check their dorms as per relevant systems and assess apartments and announce their results in a timely manner. 

Study Department: It will organize second-class activities with professional characteristics to stimulate students' enthusiasm for studying; organize exchange meetings for Chinese and foreign students, create Chinese corner, English corner, etc., promote language learning exchanges, improve students' learning awareness, create a good campus learning atmosphere, and organize various learning exchange activities at all levels; it will report to the University on their learning, including supervision of tea-soup work and feedback of teaching information, etc., to promote the reform and development of international education. 

Sports Department: It will organize various sports activities, enrich extracurricular life of international students, improve the enthusiasm of students to participate in physical exercise, and cultivate the collective cohesion of internal & Chinese students within the AIS, at the University. It will assist the University in holding various sports activities, organizing diversified student sports competitions, improving students' physical fitness, and enriching cultural life at campus. Chapter IV AIS Calendar Rules 

Article 1 The Calendar Rules of the AIS, Zhejiang Gongshang University are hereby formulated in order to strengthen the organization and discipline of the AIS, improve efficiency, enhance communications and ensure the smooth and orderly development of the AIS work. 

Article 2 The calendar is a report of the AIS' work for one week, including the work summary for the current week and work arrangements for the next week, which aims to help comprehensively learn about the operation of the whole AIS's work. 

Article 3 The Rules apply to all departments of the AIS. 

Article 4 Calendar submission 

(1) Submission time: before 21:00 every Thursday 

(2) Submission method: sent to 

(3) If the calendar is unable to be submitted in time due to any special case, a leave must be asked for to Director of the Office before 12:00, Thursday and it should be submitted to the AIS regular meeting. 

(4) The calendar submission time will be as recorded at the e-mail box. In case of no leave, if the submission time is later than 21:00 Thursday but earlier than the regular meeting, then this will be recorded as late submission into department assessment; if the submission time is later than the regular meeting, then this will be recorded as failure of submission no matter the calendar is submitted or not. 

Article 5 Calendar format

(1) All calendars must be prepared in the template issued by the Office. In case that no such template is used or an unauthorized change to template format is made, then this will be recorded as format error into department assessment; 

(2) All calendars should be titled Calendar of the XX Department for Week X.

(3) The calendar consists of Summary for This Week and Arrangements for the Next Week, each of which is event-based and will be described in the order of time, place and event. 

(4) The calendar should be concise, clear, and free from any grammatical error, wrong word, or wrong character; 

(5) In case of any activity name in the calendar, such name will be in full. 

Article 6 Calendar preparation and management 

(1) Calendars will be managed by the Office; 

(2) Late submission, failure of submission, and format error will be recorded into final assessment.

(3) All calendar-related information and time will be as recorded at the email box. In case of any objection, log onto the AIS email box for verification with the witness of the Office personnel. 

The AIS, Zhejiang Gongshang University reserves the right of final interpretation of the Rules. 

The Rules will take effect on the date of issuance. 

Chapter V Regular Meeting System 

Article 1 The following meeting system is hereby formulated in that regular meeting are to be held to make summaries and plans to ensure that the AIS work will be carried out more smoothly. The AIS meeting is divided into general regular meeting, regular chairman meeting, director-level meeting, and internal working meetings of each department.

II. Form of meeting 

Article 2 General meeting: 

2.1. Participants: All members of the AIS, Zhejiang Gongshang University;

2.2. Meeting time: 5 pm on every Friday 

2.3. Meeting contents: To summarize work for the current period and arrange work tasks for the next period. All departments should promptly report all problems identified in work, propose feasible suggestions for solving problems and difficulties, and make recommendations on work for the next stage. 

Article 3 Regular chairman meeting: 

3.1. Participants: Members of the Presidium, and directors of all departments, of the AIS, Zhejiang Gongshang University 

3.2. Meeting time: 5 pm on Friday in every odd week 

3.3. Meeting contents: 

(1) The Presidium of the AIS, Zhejiang Gongshang University summarizes work for the current stage and report the work plan for the next stage; 

(2) The Presidium of the AIS, Zhejiang Gongshang University makes work arrangements 

(3) Directors of all departments report work for the current period and work plans 

Article 4 Regular director meeting: 

4.1. Participants: Members of the AIS, above deputy director of each department, of Zhejiang Gongshang University 

4.2. Meeting time: To be confirmed as required upon request by the organizing department director to the Deputy Vice-Chairman in charge and approval by the Chairman 

4.3. Meeting contents:

(1) All department directors at the AIS report their own work

(2) The Deputy Vice-Chairman in charge and department directors of the AIS, Zhejiang Gongshang University, make arrangements for the next period 

Article 5 Director-level meeting: 

5.1. Participants: Members of the AIS, above (including) director of each department, of Zhejiang Gongshang University 

5.2. Meeting time: 7:30 pm on Friday in every even week 

5.3. Meeting contents: 

(1) All department directors report on work for the current period;

(2) The Presidium makes work arrangements for the next period 

Article 6 For irregular meetings, the Presidium will call the necessary members to arrange and resolve temporary or urgent issues. 

Article 7 Meeting requirements: 

7.1. The AIS meetings should follow the principles of efficiency, pragmatism and practical solutions;

7.2. Every meeting must have an agenda: summary of work for the current period, work arrangements for the next period and discussion of matters to be discussed; 

7.3. To learn about problems arising out of work and discuss for corrections; 

7.4. To study the thoughts of students, learn about hot issues that concern students and formulate guiding measures. 

Article 8 Meeting discipline requirements: 

8.1. Participants should sign in and must not be absent or late without permission. Anyone that is unable to come due to special matters should strictly follow the meeting leave system or will be deemed as absence; those that are absent or late will be punished accordingly as per the AIS system. 

8.2. All meetings will be recorded by the Office and meeting minutes will be collated and filed. 

8.3. All members present at the meeting should bring notebooks and pens and keep records.

8.4. Various meetings may be held temporarily in case of emergencies and will later be reported to the Vice-Chairman in charge. Meeting minutes should be submitted to the Office for records. 

8.5. During the meeting, participants should consciously turn off, mute, or adjust into vibrate, their mobile phones to ensure that the meeting will be held normally. 

8.6. Free speech is encouraged at the meeting, provided that it is serious, effective, and concise. 

IV. Supplementary 

Article 9 This system will enter into force on the date when it is issued. The AIS, Zhejiang Gongshang University reserves the right of final interpretation. 

Chapter VI Regulations for Taking Leave of Absence from Meetings 

Article 1 The Regulations are formulated in order to enhance discipline of AIS members, improve efficiency and quality of AIS meetings, ensure serious meetings, regulate the leave system as well as provide original materials for the appraisal of members. 

Article 2 The Regulations are applicable to all AIS members to ask for leave. 

Article 3 No one shall be absent from the chairman regular meeting. 

Article 4 Leader Directors of each department shall submit leave request in person to vice-chairmen in charge, and then put in it to the chairman to take a review before the request is granted; the request shall be rejected if the reason for leave failed to pass the review.

Article 5 Other officers shall submit leave request to respective Directors in person and then put in it to vice-chairmen in charge to take a review before the request is granted; the request shall be rejected if the reason for leave fails to pass the review. 

Article 6 The requests must be submitted to the AIS Office for filing before the meeting. The Office is entitled to supervise the requests. 

Article7 Whoever being absent from meetings without applying for leave or without being allowed to leave shall be punished subject to the penalty provisions of the AIS Appraisal Regulations. 

Article 8 If the applier makes up the reason for taking leave or the chairman, or vice-chairmen and Directors fail to perform their duties of review, the person directly responsible shall be punished subject to the penalty provisions of the AIS Appraisal Regulations. 

Article 9 The Regulations shall take effect as of the date of the promulgation, and the Student Associations of Zhejiang Gongshang University reserves the right of final interpretation of the Rules. Chapter VII Appraisal Regulations of AIS Departments 

Article 1 Appraisal of all members and departments shall be taken every semester in order to improve the association: cadres shall fulfil their role properly, enhance their prestige and motivate members to work as well as receive the oversight of them, thus playing the leading role better and acting as positive role models. On the other hand, all members shall consistently practice the right ethical behavior. 

Article 2 The Regulations are formulated to promote the development of all departments and enhance the discipline of AIS as well as increase exchanges among departments, thus promoting the mutual development of all departments. The Regulations are applicable to all departments of AIS. 

Article 3 Essentials of Department Appraisal 

(a) The appraisal score shall be given by three parties: departments, the Presidium and AIS Executive Instructors: 

1. Departments mutual appraisal accounts for 30% 

2. The EB appraisal accounts for 30% 

3. Executive Instructor appraisal accounts for 40% 

(b) Two departments with the highest scores shall win the excellent departments title 

(c) General executive department: College of International Education 

(d) Assistance department: College of International Education Office AIS Office 

Article 4 Detailed Rules of Appraisal 

(A) Department Mutual Appraisal (30%) 

1. Modes: the mutual appraisal consists of daily quantitative assessment and annual department summary report, of which the former accounts for 20% and the later accounts for 10%. 

1.1 Daily Appraisal (20%)

1.1.1 All departments shall submit annual work plans to Office in a timely manner 

1.1.2 Attendance of activities 

1.1.3 Venue borrowing (apply for borrowing venues five days in advance) 

1.2 Annual Department Report (10%) 

1.2.1 Introduction to department member structure 

1.2.2 Introduction to department annual activities 

(B) Presidium Appraisal (30%) 

1. Cooperation (cohesion of departments, assistance given to other departments and cooperation with other departments) 

2. Activity plan (long-term brand activity plan, overall activity plan, and activity influence) 

3. Member management (the division of work in the activity, organization and deployment of members at the activity site)

(C) Executive Instructor Appraisal (40%) 

1. Internal construction (operation of the association mechanism, recording of internal materials) 

2. Work plan: (efficiency of daily work, contribution to the well operation of the association) Chapter VIII Appraisal Regulations of AIS Members 

Article 1 The Appraisal Regulations of AIS Members, in combination with that of departments, is aimed at improving the ability of all members by appraising the performance of them and motivate them to make more contributions to the association. The appraisal of AIS members consists of two parts: Director appraisal and member appraisal. 

Article 2 Director Appraisal 

(1) The association shall select two outstanding ones among all Directors and the Presidium is responsible for the selection; 

(2) All members shall participate in the voting. 

Article 3 Officer Appraisal a. Procedures 

(1) One officer shall be recommended by his/her own department to participate in the election of outstanding officers in the association. All department Directors shall be responsible for the election.

(2) The elected officer shall fill in the Recommendation Form for Outstanding Officers of Association of International Students (see Annex) and submit it to the AIS Office. 

(3) The AIS Office shall count all members’ attendance times at meetings and activities. 

b. Introduction

1. Mutual appraisal: Other officers in the same department shall score them, which accounts for 45% of the total score. 

2. Cadres appraisal: Leaders of the department shall assess the overall performance of the elected officer in the semester, accounting for 55%; 

3. Scores of the above two parts shall be added and the disciplinary deduction points of the semester shall be subtracted from the sum. The final score will be taken as the appraisal score of the officer in this semester. 

Article 6 Detailed Rules for Cadre Appraisal shall be found in Annex 1: Detailed Rules for Cadre Appraisal of Association of International Students of Zhejiang Gongshang University 

Article 7 Detailed Rules for Officer Appraisal shall be found in Annex: Rules for Member Appraisal of Association of International Students. 

Article 8 The AIS, Zhejiang Gongshang University reserves the right of final interpretation of the Rules.. The Regulations shall take effect upon its promulgation.

Chapter IX Subsidy Regulations for AIS Members 

Article 1 In accordance with the Appraisal Regulations of AIS Department and the Appraisal Regulations of AIS Members, we shall award those qualified members to improve their morale as well as spark their interests in participating in activities. This subsidy system is specially formulated in accordance with relevant regulations and the characteristics of AIS. 

Article 2 Scope of Application 

The Regulations are applicable to all AIS members 

Article 3 All qualified members of AIS shall enjoy the following subsidy policies 

1. Subsidy for telephone bills: ceiling of RMB 100 (taking part in the activity of charge 100, get 300 for free at school) 

2. Payments for services rendered: 

Members participating in activities shall be paid in terms of the scale, duration and time of the activities.

① Scale of an activity: members participating in activities organized by other schools and associations shall not be paid by AIS; The specific service fee and subsidy shall be determined by the organizer of the activity. Service fees shall be given only to members participating in activities organized by College of International Education or AIS. 

② Duration of an activity: the AIS subsidy shall only be offered in principle for activities lasting more than 4 hours.

③ Time of an activity: members attending activities in school time (Monday to Friday) shall not be paid in principle, depending on the scale of the activity. Members shall be paid when participating in large activities held by AIS on weekends and the service fees are paid according to the standards for Chinese school work assistants. 

④ Cultural tour: a cultural tour will be organized for qualified members once a year, so that members can work with great enthusiasm after relaxing themselves. 

3. Priority to apply for scholarship: for those who pass the appraisal, the College of International Education and AIS shall jointly issue a written certificate and report it to the scholarship evaluation committee of each school as the proof for giving them priority to scholarship application. 

Article 4 RMB 200 shall be given to those who pass the appraisal and win the title of excellent department”. Rewards are used as funds for departmental activities. 

Article 5 RMB 200 shall be given to those who pass the appraisal and win the title of “excellent director”. 

Article 6 RMB 100 shall be given to those who pass the appraisal and win the title of excellent officer. 

Article 7 The AIS, Zhejiang Gongshang University reserves the right of final interpretation of the Rules. 

Article 8 The Regulations shall take effect as of the date of promulgation. 

Chapter X AIS Regulations for Renewal and Election 

Article 1 In order to ensure the sound development of AIS, outstanding members with ability, expertise, prestige and sense of responsibility will be elected as leaders in the annual election, thus promoting the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the association by refining the structure of student cadres and improving their abilities to organize and coordinate activities, manage their members as well as take part in social practice. The Regulations are hereby formulated. 

(1) The renewal of AIS cadres shall be conducted under the supervision of the Youth League Committee of ZJSU and the College of International Education in line with the principles of fairness, equity, openness and democracy. 

(2) The election fully respects the wishes of members and truly elects those supported and trusted by the majority as leaders, laying a good foundation for a leader team that is united, active, outstanding and reliable. 

Article 2 The term of AIS cadres is one year, and they shall leave their posts at the end of the term. It is necessary for previous cadres to register again for another tenure. They can be re-elected for one year, up to two consecutive terms. 

Article 3 During the duration, cadres are permitted to resign if there is any justifiable reason. A written application shall be required for resignation, which shall be discussed and passed by the Presidium and approved by the College of International Education before resignation. 

Article 4 The transition of AIS will take place from late September to early October each year. The Presidium members and Directors shall be elected through public campaigning. 

Article 5 Number of AIS members shall be counted up after renewal election to determine the number of new recruits to be received by each department in next spring. 

Article 6 Positions

There are 4 members of the Presidium and 8 Directors of departments. 

Article 7 Conditions for Registration 

Candidates must fulfil the following conditions: 

1. Presidium: current or former chairman or vice-chairmen or leaders of each department; department Directors; all members of each department. 

2. Excellent grades, good conduct, no violation of school regulations, and no failure course; 

3. Comprehensive quality, strong sense of responsibility and strong ability of organization, writing and oral expression; 

4. Students with outstanding results and personal specialty shall be given priority under the same circumstances; 

For those with outstanding ability and performance, their election standards and criteria shall be broadened with the approval of College of International Education. 

Article 8 Election Procedures and Modes

In line with the principles of openness, equality, competition and merit-based election, we shall elect those with both ability and political integrity. The election procedures include registration, qualification appraisal, campaign speech, interview, investigation, publicity and formal employment. 

(1) Registration 

Students shall fill in the application form attached a one-inch photo (an electronic version is recommended) and a work plan written in person (please refer to the Annex for requirements of the work plan). Submit above materials to adviser Zhang Yuanxun (Office 520, foreign language building), and send the electronic application form to 

(2) Qualification Appraisal 

Candidates shall be reviewed and approved by College of International Education. AIS advisers shall review the materials put in by applicants and elect those who meet the requirements to participate in the follow-up election. 

(3) Campaign Speech 

Contents: 1. personal information; 

2. the understanding of target positions and the work plan in the future; 

3. personal competitive advantage; 

4. others. 

Form: a speech within 5 minutes (PPT allowed) 

Chapter XI Recruitment Regulations of AIS

Article 1 The Recruitment Regulations of AIS is formulated in order to manage the recruitment, improve the sound development of the association as well as protect the rights and interests of all members. 

Article 2 The recruitment shall be managed and supervised by Youth League Committee of ZJSU and College of International Education to keep the campus in order during the recruitment and protect the rights and interests of students. 

Article 3 The recruitment shall be carried out after the renewal election. 

Article 4 Only students officially enrolled by ZJSU are permitted to be recruited by AIS. 

Article 5 Recruitment would be on a voluntary basis and no one shall force students to join the association by any means. 

Article 6 The association shall be practical and realistic, honest and trustworthy, and shall not exaggerate or make false promises in its publicity activities to attract new members. 

Article 7 AIS shall recruit new members in spring and autumn, which will be held after the opening ceremony in spring and autumn. 

Article 8 Specific Arrangements for Recruitment 

1. Arrangements: before the opening ceremony of the spring and autumn semester, AIS advisers, the Presidium and Directors shall determine the wanted number of new members and the interview time according to the existing members of the association. 

2. The Media Department is responsible for the creation of new posters and leaflets, while Dormitory Management Department is responsible for poster posting and giving out leaflets. 

3. Publicity and registration shall cost one week. 

4. Office is responsible for sorting out application forms after the registration. 

5. The Presidium meets with Directors of each department to determine the interview list. 

6. Office shall inform the shortlisted students to take part in the interview. 

7. Publicity of interview results. 

8. Training of new members.

Annex Detailed Rules for Cadre Appraisal of Association of International Students of Zhejiang Gongshang University


2. List of Major Student Activities