1. Library

The library is the literature and information center of ZJSU. It is an important informatization base and an academic institution serving teaching and scientific research. There are libraries in both Xiasha and Jiaogong Road campus. The one in Xiasha covers an area of 42,000 square meters and the other one covers 16,000 square meters. Our literature service system includes not only the two libraries, but also nearly 20 reference rooms in different schools. The libraries collections comprise 4.31 million books, including 2.63 million paper books and 1.68 million electronic ones. The libraries also subscribe 1,882 Chinese newspapers and periodicals, 76 foreign newspapers and periodicals, and 65 electronic literature databases. Electronic literature resources include more than 16,000 Chinese electronic full-text periodicals, about 19,000 foreign electronic full-text periodicals, and about 1.65 million Chinese and foreign master and doctoral thesis.

2. Dining Halls

There are three dining halls in Xiasha campus, which are Xingyun, Liushui and Qingfeng, and two in Jiaogong Road, which are Xinlan and Shenglan. All dining halls provide midnight snacks and Moslem food.

3. Mail Service

If you need to post something, please read the following information of post offices:

● Xiasha Gao Jiao Post Office:

Add: No.1-20 Xuelin Street

Tel: 86912743

Opening Hours: 9:00-16:30

● Xiasha Post Office

Add: near the IBIS Hotel on No. 6 Street, Xiasha

Tel: 86910024

Opening Hours: 8:30-17:00

Express delivery is also available in Hangzhou. Please read the following information:

China Post EMS www.ems.com.cn Tel: 11185

DHL www.cn.dhl.com/publish/cn/zh.high.html Tel: 800-810-8000

Fedex www.fedex.com/cn/ Tel:800-988-1888 (useful numbers, free) 400-886-1888 (mobile phones, no long-distance call fees)

TNT www.tnt.com/country/zh_cn.html Tel: 800-820-868

4. School Hospitals

There are two hospitals in both Xiasha and Jiaogong Road campus. The one in Xiasha is located at No.1 complex building of Qianjiang Wan Student Residence. There are departments of internal medicine, surgery and stomatology, rooms of emergency, injection, transfusion, pharmacy, clinical laboratory, radiation, physiotherapy, health care and public expense appraisal. And it has been equipped with various medical facilities, including urine and blood analyzer, digital six channel ECG machine, fully automatic blood pressure monitor, suctioning, ultrasonic atomizer, ZM-DR (A) type digital X-ray photography system, simple respiratory sac, etc.

The one in Jiaogong Road is located at the west building on the 1st floor of No. 2 administrative building at east campus. There is clinic, nursing room and pharmacy.

The school hospitals serve for all faculty and students of ZJSU. Their main work includes outpatient service, disease prevention, health care, health education, prevention and control of infectious diseases, management and auditing of school medical expenses, medical insurance for teachers and students and work for the red cross society of school.

5. Sports Venues

There are various sports venues, teaching facilities and equipment which can fully support daily teaching, training of high-level sports team, daily exercise and activities of sports association. Our existing sports buildings cover 128,828 m2 . There is a stadium that can accommodate 11,200 people; a sports center covering an area of 26,918 m2 ; nine venues, including a swimming hall (a standard pool and one pool for practice), a basketball hall (three courts), a volleyball hall (three courts), two table tennis halls (40 tables), two aerobics halls, a fitness hall and a badminton hall (nine courts); The outdoor playground in Xiasha campus includes two track-and-field grounds with 400m all-weather running track (including a football field covered by artificial grass), a special football field (with artificial grass), 17 PU basketball courts, 14 PU volleyball courts and 7 PU tennis courts; the stadium at Jiaogong Road campus includes a gym, a table tennis hall, a fitness hall and an aerobics hall, etc. There is also a 250m track, 13 basketball courts, 5 volleyball courts and a quality ground serving as the first professional quality development training base in Xiasha Higher Education Park.